Body Dimples are the New Cellulite

The term "cellulite" has so much negativity around it...can we change the name to "body dimples"? Like, how cute is that?!

cel·lu·lite: dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, butt, and abdomen. Side effects can include: self-conciousness, covering up your body, doubt, and unnecessary application of creams and lotions that probably won’t work. It was only a few weeks ago that I was organizing the cabinet in my bathroom and FINALLY threw away a bottle of cellulite cream. I had held onto that stuff for like 5 years! Apparently, it was supposed to reduce cellulite on your body, but you had to apply it once or twice a day. Well...I’m not very good at routines so that never happened! But I never threw it out because I always thought maybe one day I’ll try it. I think I was around 19 or 20 when I discovered that I had cellulite on the back of my legs. I was a little freaked out because I thought that was a side effect of being in your 40’s...well, it’s not. It's a side effect of life. I remember doing some research about it (because we all know Google is the most reliable) and all of the treatments, creams, and workouts flooded my search and honestly just seemed like a lot of work. Then I began to notice that other people my age had cellulite too, and that some were brave enough to wear shorts and swimsuits in public and that IT WAS OKAY to have cellulite! We live in a time where society tries to tell us that we need to hide our “flaws”, that they’re not pretty or normal. With a quick Google search, I read that the market size for cellulite treatment in 2018 was $273.94 million! ( What?! Imagine all of the great things that money could have gone towards if society taught us to view our flaws in a positive way? (Do you know how many Disneyland trips that could have been?!) Guys. We are all HUMAN! It’s okay to have cellulite (and a million other things that society tells you isn’t “okay”)!! Confidence is contagious! So take that step; take off your cover up at the pool, wear those cute shorts you just got from Target. You deserve to walk the walk, and love your body, cellulite and all. Confidence doesn’t come right away, but it gets easier the more we practice it, and it gives others the power to take steps towards building their own confidence. So what if you have dimpled skin on your body? So what? And can we start using the name body dimples? Last time I checked, dimples were cute, and so are YOU! Time is so valuable, don’t waste it worrying about trying to “perfect” your body. Because no one is perfect, and that’s an amazing thing. And if you’re struggling with being confident in your body, that’s okay!! We all have our ups and downs. YOU GOT THIS!!! Work those cute body dimples!! #youcandoit


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